I am the Piquant Storyteller. Stories are in my DNA and I have always been passionate about creative writing. I have over 10 years of amateur blogging experience. One day I hope to be professionally published, but I'm still holding out for the Writing Olympics. Fingers crossed! 

The majority of my life has been spent managing Type 1 diabetes, an often misunderstood autoimmune disorder. And I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

In 2016 I left the golden hills of Northern California to live in the forest of the Pacific Northwest. I have never been happier. My husband and I upgraded our three sweet cherubs for tall feral teenagers, some of whom only come home to eat and sleep. 

As always, most names and other identifying information have been changed to protect the guilty. In other words - based on a true story. Welcome to my musings. 


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