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I remember it clearly. I was 6 years old and running around the house with all the energy of a young child, screaming at the top of my lungs. It was some random evening where I was playing with the intensity of any workaholic. My dad told me I should be a school teacher because I had a loud voice. He did not tell me I was also bossy, though I'm sure my parents thought it and mentally added it to my small arsenal of educator traits.

Whether my dad was joking or legitimately suggesting a future occupation, I will never truly know. But that was the moment a lightbulb went off in my head and I knew I would become a teacher. It became my goal. My destiny. Come hell or high water, I was going to college to become a teacher. And despite a brief flirtation with the idea of me as a hairdresser, (I was 12 and intimidated by the chemistry involved) I never deviated from my goal until it was a reality.

After completing my student teaching, I was soon hired with stars were in my eyes. I was ready to change the world. Instead I became a Utah teacher statistic. I got married my first year of teaching and was pregnant by my third year. The school was nice enough to hold my job for me for a year but I think we all knew I wasn't coming back. My baby was born a little less than a month after my third school year ended and I have never looked back.

My husband and I enjoy DIY projects. We also like to watch shows like This Old House. Lately while we watch, I keep getting the sneaking suspicion that I have missed my calling in life. I should have been a contractor. My husband tells me I would make a great supervisor. I was flattered until I realized he meant that I am a picky perfectionist and like to hold other people to the same standard. Sometimes loudly. See there's that loud "compliment" again that is starting to feel not so complimentary anymore.

Of all the things I could or could not do, I never in a million years would have thought I would be a secretary. By the way, my fear of chemistry as a 12 year old was soon replaced with a surprising love for the subject a year or two later. I even took AP Chemistry in high school and loved it. But a secretary? No way.

I don't enjoy secretarial tasks. And while I enjoy a tidy home, I would not say I have a talent for organization. Yet here I am four years later, still serving in my church as a secretary. Four straight years. And counting.

On Sunday the Relief Society presidency was reorganized. The Relief Society is the organization for women ages 18 and up in my church. The new president chose to have me stay on as secretary. This is the second time I have kept my position as secretary after a presidency has been reorganized.

I must not be completely incompetent for two separate women in two different states to say the same thing. That they can't imagine calling a new secretary. This time is a little different because I have been the assistant secretary for the last two years. I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing responsibilities with my friend. Without any prior planning, it became a symbiotic relationship where she did the tasks I would sooner poke my own eye out over doing and vice versa. My "promotion" now includes ALL the jobs. Dun dun DUUHHHNNNNN!

Green: How much I hate talking on the phone. Red: How much I hate talking on the phone only in red. (Pray for me!)

Introvert phobias aside, I think I will crush it as the secretary for the next umpteen years. How could I not? I have a new haircut to go with my new presidency. At the end of the day, you gotta do what you love. I didn't change the world as much as I imagined I would as a teacher. So I think I will take it over instead. The world will be MINE! One quarterly report at a time.


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