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Isn't it Ironic?

Day two of no school. At least the announcement came last night. First I got an email saying seminary was canceled. I wondered if the teachers knew something I didn't. The district website had no updated information so we assumed the teachers made a judgment call on canceling classes. About half an hour later, the district made their phone calls, text messages and emails regarding another school closure. What bliss to sleep in this morning.

I was curious to see what would happen with Gwen's play. Finally an email came. The parent liaison said she was in communication with the directors and the school district. So far there was no more news to share than that. The Snow Queen drama production may or may not happen. We don't know yet. The Snow Queen! That's my favorite part of all of this. A play about a cold woman with ice in her heart is postponed indefinitely due to the icy conditions Mother Nature has inflicted on the area.

Meanwhile the sun has been shining all day, giving a false sense of hope. As the Barenaked Ladies sing, "It's colder than it looks outside." Temperatures have been well below freezing since Sunday. Our snowy sidewalks we didn't make the boys finish shoveling yesterday are ice. Heath tried to take care of the mess this morning. He tried to break up the thick footprints preserved forever in ice. He was afraid he would break up the concrete before the ice would yield.

Yesterday I was so worried about people leaving their houses. A friend of mine was due to have her baby on Sunday. I was so afraid she would go into labor yesterday and not be able to get to the hospital safely. Today the sun came out and I thought all was well in the world. Heath ventured out for some groceries. It was quite an adventure. I knew the road behind our house wasn't plowed. What I didn't know was the main road through town wasn't either. There were a few bald spots where the asphalt could be seen through the ice. The rest of the street was a lumpy, bumpy sheet of ice. And of course there are always the moron drivers who don't know how to drive in these conditions who tailgate and go too fast. So there's that.

Not only is snow unusual here, but it's not going anywhere soon. The last two winters have included typical Northwest snow. Barely enough to make a footprint and it melts in about a day. This is crazy! More than half a foot of snow has melted just enough to create thick ice sculptures of any marks on the roads and sidewalks.

We are content in our warm house to enjoy another free day. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Wally Weatherman has forecasted more snow this week. Spring felt like it was just around the corner. Surprise! We take things one day at a time.

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